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Lund 96064 Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, unisex-adult, Black Leather Look
★★★★   136 customer reviews
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  • ★★★★     136 real customer reviews     average rating: 4.3 stars (scroll to see all)

    4 Stars By J L J on 2015-04-30
    Quality product, great value!
    After reviewing several of the tonneau covers available for my Dodge RAM, I decided to get the LUND Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. I had checked out the local stores and as usual, they were considerably more expensive than I had to wait a few days to receive it but that was worth the nearly $50 price difference!
    Installation was relatively simple and quick. Probably around 30 minutes but that included having a beer and chatting with my brother-in-law while installing it.
    The included instruction sheet might be a bit more detailed than needed but will be useful if "fine tuning" is necessary. I watched the YouTube video before even receiving the cover and that was very helpful. Pay attention to the clamps that fasten the side rails to the top of the bed sides. It's pretty intuitive as to how they fit but you have to visually ensure that they are in the proper position.
    The reason that I gave a 4 star rating (would have given 4.5 if available) was that you have to pull both of the cover release cables at the same time to open the cover. For me, that means leaning against the open tailgate and reaching almost as far as I'm able to grasp each of the release loops. I'm about 5' 8" tall with a finger tip to tip span just over that. I would think that shorter folks might have a bit of trouble pulling down on both of the cables at the same time. I think that it is possible to release each side individually but it might put some unnecessary stress on the latches.
    Other than that, I think that the LUND Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is an excellent choice for a truck bed cover. It rolls up quickly and easily when you need to load those bulky things in the bed. It's just as quick and easy to cover the bed to provide protection from the elements and even a level of security for things transported or stored in the bed of your truck. Additionally,the truck's overall appearance is enhanced and some will even claim a mileage improvement. The LUND product is a solid choice for an effective and economical truck bed cover. JLJ
    4 Stars By Darren on 2017-09-08
    Fits Ram 2012 2500 Laramie 4x4
    Got the cover early, fast shipping. Was easy to install, super easy. You are able to adjust and tighten as needed for that snug fit. My only complaint, I picked this one for the $50.00 rebate, no UPC code on the box to claim. The box arrived mangled, has tons of shipping stickers on it, peeling those away, no UPC label. :/ It's a good cover with a good price. This will handle my needs just fine.

    For that I give it 4 stars. Added some pics as well. I also have a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of the truck, this covers without touching it.
    1 Stars By ColoradoDVM on 2016-06-20
    Not worth the hassle
    Although I bought the item number designed to fit my Ram 2500, this did not fit. Even with every effort to adjust the fit, a 1" gap (front to back not vertical) was present at the front of the bulkhead. I spoke to Lund and the rep said sometimes the product is drilled incorrectly. Rather than spending more time working through this with Lund, I elected to return the cover. It is possible that my cover had been previously returned as the foam tape was missing. If this had fit, I would have bolted this on as the clamps were not very secure on my Ram. This was inexpensive but ultimately not worth the hassle.
    4 Stars By Chris Mahoney on 2016-11-16
    Great product, but few small issues easily fixed.
    Dont let the 4 stars fool you. I love the tonneau and it looks GREAT. In the pasr, i have had fiberglass tonneaus and caps but i wanted the versatility of the roll up tonneau. I decided to go with one because of 3 reasons. 1) no mounted cross beams, they roll up with the cover. 2) LUND, great warranty and company. 3) The price!

    The reason i only gave it 4 stars is because i had to trim about 1/8 in off because my tailgate would not close. I have a spray in bed liner and the platic cap on my tailgate, but this should be accounted for sunce they are both standard from RAM. The second reason is a quality control issue show in my pics. 2 of the 4 screws holding the rails together had aluminum thread scraps sticking out which would eventually cut the cover. I had to remove the screws and clean up the metal. All in all though, the tonneau fits great now and i hope to get many years of use out of it.
    5 Stars By TPepper on 1969-12-31
    Awesome! Love that it can be locked!
    Love it! We had bought a different, cheaper brand a few years ago and it just wore out fast. This one has been great, we can lock it and it keeps out most of the water. We travelled to the Oregon coast from CA for Thanksgiving and everything was dry. I was worried about soaked clothes and stuff so we put everything in plastic storage bins except our luggage with clothes and everything was dry. It was awesome! We love that we can lock it, too, as I worried about the few nights during travel that we stayed at hotels before getting to our beach rental. I worried about stuff being stolen and having to cart everything to our room each time, but, alas we didn't.
    5 Stars By Spartacus on 2016-07-07
    👍👍👍👍👍 10 minute install, very nice, no adjusting necessary for me!
    Great. I had a dealer-installed cover very similar that is twice the price, and this one went on in 10 minutes. The delivery guys had mis-treated the packaging, so I was worried, but everything was well protected and snapped right into place.
    5 Stars By TripleJackInGA on 2018-06-18
    American Made, Lifetime Warranty, Simple Install
    Great value, American made, and lifetime warranty!
    Installation was easy, and didn't take long. The instructions say you'll need a 9/16 to install the clamps, but you'll also need a 7/16 to install the nuts that attach the front rail, and to adjust the tensioners. If you have a hard plastic bedliner, you'll have to fenagle the bolts/nuts to attach the front rail, but it works.
    Overall, very happy.
    5 Stars By Mitchell Mosher on 2017-04-28
    Looks great! Great price!
    It looks great! It was easy to install.
    I may have made a mistake during installation however and won't mark down the product for that. It interferes with the tailgate a little (seriously, probably my fault). Anybody else have the tailgate issue? How did you resolve it?
    5 Stars By TK on 2017-03-19
    Awesome Tonneua cover! i will never buy any other one for life,
    This cover took 25 mins to install and looks perfect, I just love it and the frabric seems super thick, went to fleet farm nite before and it was 309.99, I can home and got it in 2 days when ordered on a Friday nite at 630 pm, now that's awesome to say least, when you have prime they even deliver on sundays I quess, haha got to love it,just keep tail gage up when you slid side rails in to make so perfect , then tighen clamp, bingo done, THANKS AMAZON AND LUND FOR A AMAZING PRODUCT, P.S. MY BUDDYS SAY IT ROCKS TOO
    5 Stars By Scotsman on 2015-08-15
    I highly recommend this tonneau cover.
    The cover arrived on time and in good condition. I took it out of the box and looked over the instructions. I had it installed in about 20 minutes. I've do a lot of traveling in the summer so it's seen a couple of thousand miles. I've been through some torrential downpours and it hasn't leaked one drop of rain. My father-in-law has the same cover on his truck, which is why I went with Lund. He's more critical than I, and he thinks it's great. I agree. It's priced right and does a good job.
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