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Chimes – Style and Function for Every Home

Chimes are a stylish way to welcome guests, announce visitors, and provide sound for those who are hearing impaired. Chimes come in a variety of styles, from classic doorbells to contemporary wireless systems that extend to multiple levels. The selection of chime options is sure to have something to suit any home or office.

A home chime system is an inviting way to welcome visitors to your home. Whether you opt for classic doorbells or wireless systems you can find the perfect chime set to complement your décor. Doorbells come in traditional and modern designs. Some chimes even offer various tunes that can be selected so you can have a unique sound to differentiate between front and back doors. Wireless systems are a great choice if you have an older home with thick walls that have difficulty carrying sound from one end to the other. Wireless doorbells can be placed anywhere in the home and can be used to announce visitors from more than one location.

For those that are hearing impaired, there are special chimes that offer both sound and visual features. Specialized chimes provide loud, distinct sounds that can be heard from anywhere in the home. It is also possible to integrate chimes with doorbells for a complete system. Visual alert systems are available that can be synchronized with the chime system. Depending on the model you choose, the lights in the home can flash when the bell is rung or larger lighted signs can be placed outside that can be seen from any nearby location.

When looking into a chime system for your home there are several factors to consider. The size of your home, the distance between the doorbell and the intended listening area as well as any special needs of those living there should all be taken into consideration. Also make sure to read through the product’s documentation to ensure it meets all local codes and regulations. Installing a chime system can add style to your home’s interior while providing added security and convenience.

We offer various Chimes products from top brands.

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