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Pick Guards

What Are Pick Guards?

Pick guards are plastic sheets or thin strips of metal that are placed on the guitars’ body. The purpose of the pick guard is to protect the guitars' finish against scratches, abrasions and wear. Pick guards also add an aesthetic element to the guitar as they come in many shapes and sizes.

Why Should You Get A Pick Guard?

If you love your guitar, it only makes sense to get a pick guard. Even if you’re careful with your guitar, pick guards offer a layer of protection and help preserve your guitar’s finish. Having a pick guard also gives the appearance of a professional look; many professional and collector’s grade guitars have pick guards for this very reason.

Types Of Pick Guards

Pick guards are available in a variety of materials, from plastic and wood to metal and exotic materials like tortoiseshell. Each material has its pros and cons. Plastic, for example, is lightweight and inexpensive, but it doesn’t always give a great appearance. On the other hand, metal pick guards are more expensive but look more professional and provide more protection against scratches and abrasions.

Pick guards come in different shapes and sizes too. Standard pick guards are made to fit specific model guitars, while custom-made pick guards are available in unique shapes and designs. If you’re looking to make your electric guitar stand out and be unique, then custom pick guards are a great way to go.

Installing A Pick Guard

Pick guards can be installed in just a few easy steps. First, lift the strings off the fret board by gently pulling them off the tuning pegs. Then remove the old pick guard, if there is one, by gently lifting it off the body of the guitar. After that, attach the new pick guard using two-sided tape, screws or bolts. Lastly, place the strings back on the fret board, and your new pick guard is installed!

In Conclusion

Pick guards are a great way to customize your electric guitar and add a layer of protection for it. With a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes available, you’re sure to find the perfect pick guard for your guitar. Be sure to take your time when selecting a pick guard and consider all your options. Installing a pick guard is fairly simple and can be done in just a few steps. So what are you waiting for? Get a pick guard, and make your guitar look even better!

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