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Audio-Visual Direct White Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set - 17 3/4 x 23 5/8 Inches -, Standard, 2' x 1.5'
★★★★   261 customer reviews
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    • Express Yourself - Our smooth glass surface is perfect for dry-erase markers. Brainstorm and plan while having all your thoughts organized in one place.
    • Erase Effortlessly - Our boards prevent ghosting and staining while being easy to clean. No more distracting streaks or marks. 
    • Tempered Glass - Cleaner and longer lasting than traditional white boards. The premium surface is designed to be reused and shines like new with every cleaning. 
    • Magnetic Organization - Hang, display, and organize important documents where you will never misplace them! Only high-powered magnets work on this board. 
    • Easy Installation - Includes full size template, set of magnets, aluminum marker tray, solid metal mounts and quality wall anchors. Installation video available. 
    • Peace of Mind - Each board comes with a lifetime warranty offered by Audio-Visual Direct regarding manufacturing defects. 

  • ★★★★     261 real customer reviews     average rating: 4.3 stars (scroll to see all)

    5 Stars By Steve F. on 2015-02-28
    No one talks about the therapeutic value of this white board.
    Sure, its a quality product made very well, easy to put up and it looks good on the wall, blah blah blah. Here's the thing, my wife loves it. For the last year, shes had trouble sleeping, waking up at 3:30 worying about all the stuff needing to be done. I bought this board so she could empty her brain onto it and quit worrying about it. It took 15 minutes to install and within 30 minutes she had it filled up. She is so happy, therfore, I am happy. Life is good.
    4 Stars By Rob W. on 2017-05-22
    Good Purchase
    Great board and my kids love it, they wrote on sections of it and we have to-do lists on it too. Cleans easily, glad we returned the old style boards and got this one to last. We even got a bit intuitive with buying pipe foam as seen in this picture and sliced X style holes to insert our markers. I give 4-stars because the tray at the bottom kinda sucks. Falls all the time. Magnets also have to be strong, you don't get the right ones they won't work. Overall happy with the purchase though. Installation was easy. Needed help putting up though. Hope the idea helps you save a couple dollars. Just stuff it in the back.
    3 Stars By April on 2015-09-19
    Beautiful but Bummed
    The board is beautiful... installation was pretty easy (I did it myself), but I'm really bummed that all of the magnetic accessories I purchased have to go back: marker cup, eraser and magnets... as only the companies magnets provided (2) work on this surface...and now I have to pay inflated prices to buy their accessories. If I would have realized this before I purchased, I would have found a glass board without this issue, even if it cost more.
    5 Stars By Mike B. on 2017-07-28
    Good the heck out of the traditional kind!
    The board is exactly what I expected, and mounting it was simple. I taped the included template poster board to the whiteboard, used a pen on the attachment holes to mark the position, taped the template to the wall, drilled the pilot holes, and removed the template. The included wall anchors worked well enough, though one of them didn't hold when putting in the screw and spun...possibly due to poor drilling of the pilot on my part. I replaced it with a larger one that I had on hand, and all was well. Some have commented that the board is too heavy for the included anchors, but for the size I got they are fine...solid attachment and I'm not worried about them pulling out.

    Others have also commented that the tray doesn't stay far mine is holding just fine. I did have to use a "no-bounce" mallet (carefully!) to tap the tray onto the bottom of the board...pressing by hand didn't get it on all the way...maybe that's the problem others have run into? Tapping it into place until fully seated put it on VERY firmly. We'll see if it holds through time and temperature changes...if not, some super glue or silicone caulk will hold it in place for sure.

    As for magnets, I've found that 1/2" neodymium magnets stick as well as the included ones. That is, they stay where they are put, but due to the layer of glass between the magnet and the metal backing, the hold isn't super strong like you'd get if the magnets where actually on the metal. There's plenty of hold for sticking a sheet of paper to the board, but don't expect to hang your hat on a magnet.

    I love the ease of erasing this board compared to my old traditional-style white board! No scrubbing, sprays, or smudges left...just one pass with an eraser and gone! Some colors are more visible than others though...which I expected from using other glass boards in the past. Black, blue, purple, and other dark colors show very well. Red a bit less, and green is not as clear if the light isn't good. I've found that the "low odor" markers from Expo are noticeably fainter than the non-"low odor" ones...probably an effect of the different solvent used. I'll be avoiding them for this board in the future.

    Generally very happy with this board...using it daily to track to-do items for the day.
    2 Stars By axc4466 on 2018-02-26
    Complicated installation, not worth the hassle. Good product once installed.
    Generally speaking, this item is a piece of glass with a white film glued to the back. This product meets the expectations from that point of view. It looks nice on the wall and the magnets are strong.
    But given how simple the product really is, to me, it comes down to the ease of installation. From that point of view, the product is very disappointing. I am an experienced installer of everything from bedroom sets to Ikea furniture to closet storage organizers. It took me 2 hours to put this board on the wall and I am not happy with the outcome.
    First, the so-called template is a piece of white paper the size of the board. You are supposed to mark the places for the screw holes on the pattern yourself. Since the entire idea of including the template is to help you drill the holes, why the holes are not marked on the template beats me.
    Second, it was not indicated, and it absolutely should have been, that you are not supposed to drill the holes in the studs. The screws are too weak to withhold the torque needed to screw them into a stud and also you cannot use electric drills becasue you have to drill the screws through a narrow cylinder. I always go for the studs and it took me an hour to pry the damaged screws out of the wall + wall repair.
    Finally, the instructions are not clear and lend themselves to multiple interpretations of several steps.

    All in all, if I had known what I know now, I would have gone for a different model to avoid the hassle. Now that it's on the wall, I am fine with it.
    5 Stars By Jason Polete on 2017-10-01
    Great Board (but buy some better wall anchors)
    Board arrived yesterday. Looks awesome. Easy to install. The paper template made mounting the board on the wall simple. Overall I'm very pleased.

    A couple of areas that could use improvement: The plastic wall anchors are cheap and flimsy. I'm probably going to replace them with heavier duty hardware. I'm a little leary of such a heavy board supported by only four of those anchors. Also, the board has a very slight bow outward away from the wall that makes it flex slightly when writing near the center. A six point mount for a board that long would be better. The two middle mount points would secure it to the wall more firmly and alleviate the slight bow in the center.

    But overall, I’m very happy. The board looks great and wipes clean. The magnets are nice too. This board is in a different league than traditional non-glass boards.
    1 Stars By 2DayDeliver Customer on 2017-11-25
    Un-removeable Red Stains between Glass and Metal backing panel
    I purchased the 'Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board'. The product shipped on time.

    However, after opening the package, I noticed several stains between the front glass and the rear metal panel.
    The several stains are color red and not pleasant sight.
    They are un-removeable and appear to be caused during manufacturing.
    Below are pictures of the un-removeable stains which appear to be on the material between the glass and metal backing.

    Audio Visual, please let me know if it is possible to send me a new one.
    5 Stars By Brandon Nguyen on 2016-02-15
    ... this board about 2 years ago and I am pretty impressed by how well the board has held up ...
    I bought this board about 2 years ago and I am pretty impressed by how well the board has held up these past two years. The installation itself was pretty simple. If anything I was more worried about installing it straight than the process itself. The quality of the board is nice and sturdy. I haven't tried to drop it or anything but it has held up with my body weight pressed against it. The dry-erase properties are also very nice. More often than not I have left memos, schedules, and other random stuff on the board for as long as half a year and all it takes is a little spritz of water, glass cleaner, or that expo spray stuff and the board is as good as new. No streaks, color marks, or anything of the sort. If anything my only gripe is the fact that I have not been able to find any magnets that I could use with the board aside from the ones that came with it. Is there any way I could purchase more of them?
    5 Stars By RC on 2014-09-18
    Much better than Melamine!!!!
    Very Nice whiteboard. Easy to set up, looks very modern, and never ghosts. The additional costs of switching from melamine to glass is completely worth it when you take into consideration that this board will last indefinitely. The magnetic aspect of the board is somewhat lacking in strength. The included magnets are quite strong, but our other magnets don't seem to work as well. Not a big issue to me honestly.

    Pro Tip - If you're worried about the fittings working themselves loose, use a tiny dab of BLUE loctite on the threaded rod (front and back) when installing. Please note that once the loctite cures, the board will be extremely difficult to remove. Do not use red loctite for the love of all that is holy. If you do, you will never be able to remove the screws again.
    5 Stars By S. Baumgartner on 2011-11-11
    Looks great, works great, (now) easy to install
    After reading some of the reviewers here complaining about how hard it is to install the whiteboard, I hesitated at first. The last thing I wanted is drilling 19 different holes in my office wall while trying to hang this thing.

    Fortunately, it looks like the manufacturer of this board actually listens to customer complaints because they now include a cardboard template with the exact drill-locations with the board. I used some blue painter's tape to hang the template exactly the way I wanted. The tape makes it easy to change the location until your 100% happy. I then drilled the holes through the template-cardboard and installation was a breeze from there. The only thing that took me a couple minutes was to hang the marker tray so that the round markers I have don't roll off. I just used a little piece of cardboard on the back of the tray-fasteners to give it a slight downward slope towards the wall. Perfect.

    Everything in this set is of very high quality. Both the board and the tray are made from thick tempered glass and the fasteners are brushed stainless steel. The white magnets are super strong (which they have to be since the metal sheet is behind such a thick layer of glass) and even the eraser is magnetic and white so it doesn't take up space on the tray.

    I'm very happy with this set. It looks like a piece of art in my office and for this kind of quality is well worth the money.

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