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Filter Housings

Filter housings are an essential part of any industrial process filtration system. They provide the necessary protection for the filters and allow for easy filter maintenance. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, providing a solution for a wide range of filtration applications.

The purpose of filter housings is to protect the filter from physical damage during shipment and installation. Additionally, filter housings also protect the filter from contaminants that may be present in the process fluid. For example, particles of metal or glass often accumulate in industrial process streams and need to be filtered out in order to protect downstream equipment. By using a filter housing, these particles can be safely trapped within the filter element itself, away from the rest of the process stream.

The filter housings available today are designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications. They typically range in size from small, single-filter assemblies to large, multi-filter units. They can be constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, polypropylene, and other materials, depending on the application requirements. Specialized designs are available for high-pressure, high temperature, corrosive fluids, as well as for applications requiring sanitary and hygienic construction.

Depending on the type of filter media used, a filter housing must be designed to accommodate the filter size and shape. There are several different types of filter housings, including top-loaded, side-loaded and bottom-loaded designs. Each design offers distinct advantages in terms of filter media access, maintenance and replaceability. Additionally, some filter housings may be equipped with integral gauges and valves for monitoring the condition of the filter element and controlling the flow through the system.

The selection of the proper filter housing is critical to the success of any filtration system. Properly sized housings and housings constructed with materials that are compatible with the process stream and filter media should be used. Additionally, the design of the housing should be chosen to suit the specific needs of the application, to ensure adequate access, support and drainability.

Filter housings are widely used across many industries and applications, including water treatment, food and beverage processing, oil and gas exploration, pharmaceutical production and many more. This makes them an invaluable tool for keeping process systems operating efficiently and safely.

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