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Reflector Telescopes: A Comprehensive Guide

A telescope is a powerful tool for stargazers, and the reflector telescope is the perfect fit for an amateur astronomer who’s wanting to explore the night sky. Reflector telescopes, also known as Newtonian telescopes, provide astronomers with bright images, with a wide field of view, at relatively low cost. They offer a great way to get started in the exciting hobby of astronomy. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the reflector telescope.

What is a Reflector Telescope?

A reflector telescope is a type of optical telescope that makes use of mirrors to collect and focus light. The most common design of a reflector telescope is the Newtonian telescope, which was developed by scientist Sir Isaac Newton in 1668. In this design, a primary concave mirror is used to collect light from an object in space and then reflect it to a flat secondary mirror, or diagonal, that reflects the image onto an eyepiece. The eyepiece gives you a magnified view of the object in the night sky.

Advantages of Using a Reflector Telescope

Reflector telescopes have many advantages over other types of telescopes, such as refractor telescopes. The most notable advantage of a reflector telescope is the amount of light it can collect. Since the primary mirror is curved, it can collect more light than a refractor telescope’s lens, allowing it to see fainter and more distant objects in the night sky. Additionally, they are usually less expensive than other types of telescopes.

Types of Reflector Telescopes

There are two main types of reflector telescopes – Newtonian Reflectors and Cassegrain Reflectors. Newtonian Reflectors make use of a concave primary mirror and a flat secondary mirror to reflect the incoming light. On the other hand, Cassegrain Reflectors make use of a curved primary mirror and a convex secondary mirror. Both designs use the same principle but have slightly different optics.

How to Choose the Right Reflector Telescope

When choosing a reflector telescope, there are several factors to consider, such as budget, size, portability, and the type of telescope you want. Before making your purchase, it’s important to do research and compare different models. Some factors to consider when choosing a reflector telescope include:


Reflector telescopes are an excellent choice for amateur astronomers. They offer a wide field of view at relatively low cost, and they are capable of collecting more light than other types of telescopes. When choosing a reflector telescope, make sure you consider factors like aperture size, mount, focal length, and weight. Doing research and comparing different models will help you find the telescope that best meets your needs.

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